Real estate service in Poland for UK and other European companies


We can offer you trustworthy and reliable help in dealing with all sorts of formalities connected to commercial/industrial property investment in Poland.

You are also welcome if you are looking for some professional agents who would help you go through the whole process of establishing a new business in Poland with all of its formalities of both law, financial and registration nature.


You do not have to come to Poland to see the real estate

We arrange a special virtual trip around it offering truly amazing and detailed 3D films!


How we can help you?

Our help is available in UK and in Poland as well. Our company bring a full service which includes the following:

  • comprehensive help in dealing with selling of real estates in Poland
  • easy to follow guidance of how to rent a property in Poland
  • helpful advices of how and where to look for the best industrial/commercial real estates overseas
  • great quality 3D films with which you can feel as if you were inside the property looking around it!
  • professional advice service of how to establish each sort of business in Poland
  • professional help with the entire process of buying real estates in Poland
  • help in obtaining all sorts of permits for foreigner investors

Why us?

All UK businesses regardless of their branches are welcome to contact us if they need a professional and reliable help with the entire process of property investment in Poland.

We cooperate with hundreds of government agencies and property investment agents in the UK and in Poland to offer your business a proper support to establish your business. Our company take care of all the formalities including legal ones, registration ones and financial ones.

We are fully insured
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